Water Play

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Water Play

If you’re camping near a lake, pool, or ocean this year, you’re in for a treat.  You and your friends can spend hours at the water (as long as a grown-up is always there, acting as a life guard).  You can swim, float, splash, dive, bob around in boats, and play games.  So be sure to pack your swimsuit—you’re in for a great time!

Some classic water games include water polo, water volleyball, Marco Polo, races, and handstand contests.  All you need for water polo is a ball and something you can use to mark the goals.  For races, all you need are swimmers.  Throwing a Frisbee in the water is also challenging and a lot of fun.

Toys from Home
A few toys from home will make your water experience even more fun.  If you have goggles, a mask or snorkel, floating toys, or balls that float, pack them up and bring them along.  You can also improvise by borrowing old life jackets, kick boards, or canoe paddles.

Tippy Canoe
If you’re staying at a campground that has canoes, ask if you can tip yours over.  Seriously!  Canoes will keep on floating even after they’re full of water, and this is a great way to learn about how boats behave when they’re submerged.  If you’re allowed, wear your life jackets and move away from docks and swimmers.  It might take three of you, rocking in unison, to flip your canoe.  Once you’ve done it, climb back in it and see if you can paddle yourselves along with your hands.  You can also turn your canoe upside down, put your head underneath it, and breath quite comfortably in the air pocket that’s formed by the bottom of the canoe.


Want to swim?  Or would you rather boat?  Either way, you can easily put a race together.  You can pit two paddleboats against each other, have a swimming race, or see what goes faster, a canoe or a rowboat.  

Another great way to enjoy the water is to go fishing.  You can fish from a dock, a pier, a boat, or the shore.  If you aren’t sure what’s best, maybe you can try all four!