Fall Kids Craft Project | Leaf Print Painting

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Painting with Leaves

As summer changes to fall it becomes time to start planning more exciting indoor activities for days when the weather is poor. One great way to combine the beauty of fall with a good indoor and outdoor activity is to enjoy some leaf painting crafts. Painting is a fantastic and creative indoor activity for bad weather days and using leaves allows you to combine the fun of your indoor craft with enjoying the outdoors on good weather days. Here are some fun leaf painting crafts for kids of all ages.

Leaf Print Paintings

Making leaf prints is fun for children of all ages. One way to make leaf prints a little more creative and unique is to create individual works of art using leaf prints.

You will need:

Lots of different leaves
Acrylic Paints
Paint Brushes
Smocks or old shirts

Painting with leaves can be a messy activity, so when you are setting up make sure to lay down plenty of old newspaper on your work surface and be sure to wear a smock or clothes that can get paint on them.

Place your piece of paper which you will be painting on your work surface. Prepare your paints and brushes, having a jar of water reading for cleaning brushes. Now using a paint brush and leaf, completely color a leaf with paint. You can use one color, or you can use multiple colors on your leaf. Next, turn the leaf over onto your piece of paper, so the paint is pressed onto your paper. Press the leaf down to make sure that the print is made.

Once you get the hang of making leaf prints you can start creating collages of different types of leaves with different colors of paint. You can make abstract art using the leaves. You can even combine free hand or finger painting with the leaf prints to make a truly unique piece of art.

You may even want to make leaf prints then use small pebbles, pine needles, pine cones and other bits of nature to create a nature scene. You can cut out leaf prints and use them to make a three dimensional diorama of a nature scene. There are endless options for crafts and art the you can use when making leaf prints.

When you have finished your painting, allow it to dry completely. Now you can save your painting as it is, you can give it away to someone special, you can turn it into a card or all sorts of other things.