Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

During the holiday season one fun craft project you can try is to make your own Christmas Ornaments. If your family does not celebrate Christmas, but a different holiday season you can still have a lot of fun making these crafts. These projects can also make excellent gifts for your parents.

Christmas Tree Ornament

You will need:
4 popsicle sticks per ornament
Green cardstock or construction paper
Paints or markers
Beads and Macaroni for decoration (optional)
A Photo of yourself of your family

1. Glue three of the popsicle sticks into a triangle

2. Glue the fourth popsicle stick perpendicular onto the bottom edge of your triangle, like the trunk of a tree.

3. Glue a piece of green paper onto the back of the triangle to make the green top of the tree. To do this you can either cut out the green triangle before gluing it onto the popsicle sticks or you can glue the paper on and then cut out the triangle.

4. Gently glue your picture into the center of your green tree. Then decorate your tree around the picture. You can draw Christmas ornaments onto your tree, or paint ornaments on. You can glue beads onto your paper tree and you can also paint the popsicle stick trunk brown.

3D Star

You will need:
Old Christmas cards or christmas decorated cardstock

1. You can use old Christmas cards to make this ornament, but if you want to be a little more creative you can decorate your own paper instead.

2. Cut out three stars or other fun shape that are all the same size. If you are decorating your own paper, you will probably want to do the decorations after you cut out your shape so you don't cut through any of your decoration.s

3. Fold each of the three stars in half.

4. Put the folded edge of all of the three shapes back-to-back and glue them together. You will need to hold your pieces together for a while, until the glue is set or dry so that they don't pull apart.

5. Once your shapes are dry and glued together, poke a hole in the top with a large needle or a hole punch. Thread your piece of ribbon through the hole and tie the ends together making a smallish circle, so you can hang your ornament on your tree.