New Year Confetti Eggs

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New Year Confetti Eggs

For this project you will need:
Tissue Paper
A variety of colored paper and glitter for the confetti

1. Crack your egg very carefully at the top, so there is a hole at the crown of the egg shell. Empty the contents of the eggs. The eggs can be set aside to use for cooking omelets or some other tasty snack. Carefully clean out the egg shell, making sure not to break it, then set aside to dry thoroughly.

2. While the egg shells are drying, cut up the decorative paper to make confetti. Mix all the confetti bits and glitter together in a bowl.

3. Now, cut circles out of the tissue paper. These circles should be large enough to cover the hole in the top of the egg shell.

4. When the egg shells are completely dry, carefully fill them with the confetti through the hole in the top.

5. When the egg is filled, spread glue around the edge of the hole in the shell. Place the tissue paper circle over the top of the hole and smooth it over the glue. Allow the glue to dry and you have fun confetti eggs!

When you eggs are dry, you can determine how you will celebrate with them, but in the end you have to smash them so the confetti will explode out like a mini confetti fire cracker (minus the fire)!