Kids Crafts | Paper Chain Garland

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Paper Chain Garland

You will need:
- scissors
- glue or double stick tape or stapler
- red, white and green construction paper

Start by cutting one piece of construction paper in half. Then cut each half into twelve strips of paper. You will want to cut the strips along the short side. From each piece of paper you will have 24 strips. Repeat this cutting process until you have as many strips as desired.

Next, put a dot of glue, or a piece of double stick tape on one end of the piece of paper. Gently fold the other end and put together the ends with a little overlap. Secure the edges with glue or tape and if you need a little extra securing you can put a staple through the overlapped edges. Repeat this process with each strip of paper, but before securing the ends together, loop each strip of paper through the previously made loop. Continue until your garland is as long as you want it.

With the three colors you can make and pattern of colors that you want. You can loop all the red together, followed by all of the green and white. Or you can make an interesting pattern with the colors.