Kids Crafts | Wizard of Oz Themed Crafts

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Kids Crafts | Wizard of Oz Themed Crafts

Crafts to Celebrate the 71st Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz

On the anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz," one fun way to celebrate is to create some Wizard of Oz themed crafts. Here are a few ideas of crafts that you and your friends could create to celebrate the anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz."


rubby red slippersMake Your Own Ruby Slippers One iconic item from "The Wizard of Oz" are the Ruby Slippers to create your own you will need:

An old pair of shoes
Red craft or fabric paint
Red Sequins
Clear fabric glue

Using an old pair of tennis shoes or a pair of children's Mary-Jane style shoes you can make your own ruby slippers. Make sure that the shoes are clean so the paint will stick. Next, paint the shoes red. Once the pint dries if you want to adorn your shoes with more detail you can use  a clear adhesive and glue red sequins all over the shoes. Allow the glue to completely and then wear your brand new ruby slippers.

Toilet Paper Roll Characters

If you would like to create your own "Wizard of Oz" characters you can use empty toilet paper rolls and using some creative craft items you can create all of your favorite characters from the film.

The simplest method of creating your characters is to draw and color a simple template of each character and glue it to the toilet paper roll. These templates are available online, or you can draw and cut out your own version of each character.

If you want to get a little bit more creative you can use items like string, pipe cleaners, raffia and more to make more complex characters. You can glue raffia to one roll to be the Cowardly Lions tail. You can use brown string to be Dorothy's hair. You can use pipe cleaners as the arms and legs of the characters.

These toilet paper roll characters allow you to be creative as you want in creating your own fun "Wizard of Oz" characters.