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Print Making

Kids Crafts | Paper Chain Garland

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Paper Chain Garland

You will need:
- scissors
- glue or double stick tape or stapler
- red, white and green construction paper


How to Make a Leaf Rubbing

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How to Make a Leaf Rubbing

Appropriate for kids of all ages with adult supervision.

white paper
leaves that you picked up off the ground
a flat working space

Arrange your leaf on the table so that it's fairly flat and looks nice.  Put your piece of paper over the leaf and use the crayon to color the paper over where the leaf is.  Your leaf will magically appear!

Kids Cooking | Sugaring Flowers

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Learn How to Make Sugared Flowers - Yes you can eat them!

Summertime is a great opportunity to practice some new flower crafts. It's amazing how many different crafts use fresh flowers. You can press flowers, but if you have access to edible flowers, you can enjoy a much sweeter flower craft. Sugaring flowers is a simple, delicious, and fun way to preserve and enjoy edible flowers. Once you have perfected your skills, you can use them to decorate delicious cakes and other food items.

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