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Kids Guide to Washington

Top 10 Things for Kids to Do in Washington


Washington is a stunningly beautiful state, filled with plenty of recreational activities, as well as attractions and more. Kids will love the many fun museums and galleries in the city of Seattle, many of these are oriented toward kids. In addition children can plan to learn all about the natural features of Washington, which are unique and fascinating. Here are a few of the best activities for kids to try in the state.

- Ride up the elevator on the Space Needle, then explore the Pacific Science Center

- Drive through the Olympic Game Farm to see many animals and even feed the buffalo

- Go to Dry Falls State Park to see the remnants of the largest waterfall know to have existed on Earth

- Take a ride on one of the state's many ferries, which leave from Seattle, Anacortes, and many more destinations

- Hike at Mount St. Helens and see the damage from the eruption which occurred on May 18, 1980, and see how the mountain is regrowing after the eruption

- Take a trip to the town of Leavenworth to see the Bavarian theme of the town and enjoy plenty of recreation in the Cascade Mountains

- Visit the Woodland Park Zoo to see the many animal species from around the world, including a fantastic exhibit for animals native to the region

- Go to the ocean and spend time relaxing on a sandy beach, spending time beach-combing, or even flying a giant kite

- Hike at the Olympic National Park, including trails through the rain forest,

- Enjoy the swimming at the beautiful Lake Chelan as well as much more water recreation