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How to Play the Detective Guessing Game

This is a game for older kids.

Everyone sits in a circle, and closes their eyes. One pre-designated person, maybe the grown up, tiptoes around the circle and pats on child on the head. This is the “murderer.” The adult touches two other kids on the arms. These are the “detectives.”

The game begins as everyone opens their eyes and looks around at each other. The murderer’s job is to wink at other people in the circle without being seen by the detectives. If the murderer manages to wink at someone, they flop over, playing dead (they remain “dead” for the rest of this round).

The detectives try to guess who the murderer is before all the players are dead (decide in advance how many guesses the detectives will get, depending on how many kids are in the group). If they don’t get it right, the murderer wins. If they do, they win.

The murderer becomes one of the detectives in the next round.