Camp Games | Scavenger Hunt

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A great way to introduce your kids to a new campground or camping area.

Take a family trip through nature when you go on this self-designed scavenger hunt.  First, make up a list of things you want to look for.  Then, head out on a nature hike and have each person check off the items they see.  If you'd rather (if you're hiking with smaller kids), search as a team and point out what you see so everyone can take a look.

If you're camping with another family, you can divide into teams and race or give prizes for the most unusual finds.  However you play, be sure to leave nature where it is.  As long as you only take away memories, written notes, drawings, and photos, everything will still be there for the next scavengers to find.

Ideas for your Scavenger Hunt list:
Three different bugs
Three different flowers
Three rocks of different colors
Three trees with different leaves or needles.

Variations for older campers:
One set of tracks (draw on a piece of paper)
Two different habitats
Something red
Something blue
Something white
Something yellow
Something purple
A bug that flies
A bug that walks
A bug that slithers, wiggles, or crawls
In a pine forest, three different kinds of conifer trees
In a deciduous forest, a tree with oval leaves, one with pointed leaves, and one with blade-like leaves