Camp Games | Hug-a-tree

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How to Play the Hug-a-tree Game

This game requires two players and one blindfold or bandana.  The players must be old enough to lead one another blindfolded, and you might want to start with some guiding tips—to move slowly, hold the blindfolded person securely by the arm, and use words to guide them over roots and other obstacles.

One player is blindfolded and gently spun around three times until they lose their bearings.  The other player then leads the blindfolded player through the woods, taking a wandering route so the blindfolded player is even more confused about where they are.  They should stay within sight of the starting place.  The leader picks a tree and leads the blindfolded person up to it.  They say, “This is your tree,” and put the blindfolded player’s hands on the trunk. 

The blindfolded player can take as long as they like getting to know their tree, feeling its trunk, learning where the branches are, and checking out the roots or other distinctive features.  Once they’re finished, the leader guides them back to the starting place and removes the blindfold.  Then the player can try to find their tree!

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