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Even More Riddles to Stump Your Camp Buddies

Tell these riddles and you'll have everybody scratching their heads!

Taking the Corner
Jack drives to work on his motorcycle every day.  When he rounds the corner at Third and Vine, he always goes the same speed, no matter whether it’s rainy or sunny.  But if it’s a dry cloudy day, he can go faster.  Why?

There’s a car wash on the corner of Third and Vine.  On sunny days, water running out of the car wash makes it dangerous to go too fast.  On rainy days, the rain on the pavement has the same effect.  But on dry cloudy days, when the car wash doesn’t have much business, the road is more likely to be dry.

Nation Trekking
An American man who doesn’t have his passport with him visits more than thirty foreign countries, all in one day.  The officials of every country are happy to let him in, and he leaves each one of his own accord.

He is a mail carrier whose route includes a number of foreign embassies.  Because an embassy is technically “foreign soil,” the man actually enters different countries on his route.  (By the same token, a U.S. embassy in another country is technically considered American soil.)

The Phone Call
A man is sitting in bed.  He makes a phone call, but he doesn’t say anything.  After he hangs up, he goes to sleep.  How come?

He’s in a hotel with thin walls.  In the next room, someone was snoring loudly, keeping him awake.  He called to wake the other person up.  Once he knew the snorer was awake (and no longer snoring), he was able to go to sleep.