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How to Play the Ongoing Riddle Game

Ongoing riddles are a great way to entertain a group, whether you’re on a hike, in the car, or just milling around camp.  Start one of these puzzles at the beginning of your trip—they’re tough and it might take the whole time to solve it!  These are best for kids aged ten and up. 

Once you outline the base of the puzzle, the group gets to ask questions to which you can answer yes and no.  If your group is persistent and dedicated, they can piece the whole complicated story together, one clue at a time.

Introduction to riddle #1: “The music stopped, and the man died.  What happened?”

That’s all you get to tell at the start.  Be sure to let your audience work out all the rest while you keep in mind this basic story.   The setting is the circus, where a blind man has trained himself to walk the tightrope.  This trick only works because his partner, who runs the music, switches the music off to cue the man when he’s at the end of the rope and it’s time to step onto the platform.  The partner switched the music off early, so the tightrope walker stepped off and fell to his death. 

As with all of these riddles, feel free to embellish the story as much as you want, especially if your group asks questions that aren’t covered in this skeletal story.  Things like the age of the man and his background are up to you to determine.

Introduction to riddle #2: “There’s a room with no windows and no doors.  In the room is a table that has cards and chips on it.  Four chairs are around the table; in three of the chairs are dead men.  The fourth chair is empty.  The only other thing in the room is a clothes hanger with nothing on it, and a puddle of water underneath the hanger.  What happened?”

The story is that four people were in a submarine when tragedy struck and they started running out of oxygen.  There was only one wet suit aboard, so the people played poker to determine who would get to wear the suit and swim to safety.  The winner took the suit and left (the empty hanger and puddle of water are clues to lead the guessers to the idea of a wet suit).  There aren’t any windows or doors, but there is a hatch.  The people who lost the poker game ran out of air and died in their chairs.