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Riddles to Share with Friends

Stump your friends with these tricky riddles!

Guards on Duty
Two guards are on duty, keeping watch outside their base.  One faces up the road, looking for anyone coming from the north.  The other one looks down the road, looking for people coming from the south.  One says to the other, “What are you smiling for?”
How did he know the other guard was smiling?

They’re facing each other.

Moving Violation
A bus driver is headed down the street.  She goes straight past a stop sign (without stopping), turns left even though there’s a “no left turn” sign, and then goes the wrong way on a one-way street.  She goes past a police car, passing it on the left-hand side, and doesn’t get a ticket.  What’s more, she didn’t even break any ticket laws.  Why?

She was walking.

Bank Child
A woman took her daughter to the bank when she went to meet with her loan manager.  During the meeting, the loan manager said the girl could hang out with his secretary.  Afterward, the secretary turned to another secretary and said, “That little girl was my daughter.”  How can this be?

The secretary is the girl’s father.