Silly Songs for Summer Camping

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Silly Songs for Summer Camping

Summer means camping and camping means campfires and campfire songs.  Checkout the list of silly songs perfect for your next campfire.  While you're at it make s'mores - check out the recipe.

Do Your Ears Hang Low

Pink Pajamas

(Sung to the tune of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic")

Donkey Riding

On Top of Spaghetti

Boom Chicka Boom Song

The Green Grass Grew All Around

The Ant's Marching Song

The Grand Old Duke of York

(Sung to the tune of "A-Hunting We Will Go")

Found A Peanut

Catalina Matalina

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

(Sung to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow")