The Green Grass Grew All Around

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The Green Grass Grew All Around

There was a hole, (repeat)
A great big hole, (repeat)
The prettiest little hole, (repeat)
That you ever did see, (repeat)


The hole was in the ground and the green grass grew all around, all around, and the green grass grew all around

(add a line after the refrain and keep adding until you include all of the lines)

2. and in that hole...there was some dirt
3. and in that dirt...there were some roots
4. and on those roots...there was a tree
5. and on that tree...there was a limb
6. and on that limb...there was a branch
7. and on that branch...there was a nest
8. and in that nest...there was an egg
9. and in that egg...there was a bird
10. and on that bird...there was a wing
11. and on that wing...there was a feather
12. and on that feather...there was a flea
13. and on that flea...there was a mite