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Christmas Tree Ornament

You will need:
- scissors
- green construction paper
- glue
- popsicle sticks
- glitter and other decorations
- string

Start by laying the popsicle sticks in a triangle on top of the green paper. Put a loop of string at the top of the triangle. Put a dot of glue on top of the two ends of the string. Then glue the popsicle sticks down over the string, in a triangle. Next cut out a tree shape from the green paper, start by cutting around the edges of the popsicle triangle, and cut out a rectangle at the bottom of the triangle. This gives you a tree shaped ornament.

The next step is to color the rectangle at the bottom brown to represent the trees trunk. Now you can decorate your tree however you want. Be as creative as possible, using glitter markers and any other fun craft supplies you might have.