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How to Make a Baker's Dough Hand Print

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Baker's Dough Hand Print

Baker's dough can also be used to make childhood handprints. Little handprints in baker's dough will be a true treasure for your parents.

You will need:
Cookie cutters
Paint (acrylic paint works the best, but you can also use tempera paints or watercolors)

To make the dough:

Boil 3/4-cup water, put 1/2 cup salt in a bowl, and pour boiling water over the salt and stir. Cool the salt-water mixture; add 2 cups flour and mix. Knead the dough for approximately five minutes or until the dough is smooth and workable.

Instead of rolling it out thin, shape it into a large, thick circle. Press your hand into the dough to make a nice, clear, deep hand print. Once you have your hand print, you can write your name into the front or back of the dough along with the year that you made the print, so everyone will know whose hand print it is and how old you were when you made it.

You can also poke a hole into the top of your hand print dough.  This will allow you to add a ribbon to the hand print decoration, so your parents can hang it on the wall. You can also help younger siblings put together one of these hand print ornaments.

Adult supervision is still needed for the baking of the dough. The thicker hand print ornament will take much longer to bake than the thing cutout ornaments. If you don't want to bake the handprint, the dough can be air dried, but this will require that you leave the dough alone in a place where it can dry for multiple days.


How to Make Bird Seed Pine Cones

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How to Make Bird Seed Pine Cones


How to Make Bird Seed Pine Cones | Appropriate for kids of all ages with adult supervision. Feed the birds at home or at your campground.


How to Make a July 4th Rock

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Rockin' July 4th

Paint your own rock -- 4th of July style! Your rock will make a great table decoration, door stop, paper weight, or memento of the trip.


a large, clean, and smooth stone
a pencil
red, white, and blue tempera paint
paint brushes
varnish or other glossy finish (not required)

Begin by using your pencil to sketch out the flag.  Make a square in the upper left for stars and paint that blue.  While you let that paint dry, paint all the rest of your rock white.

Let the paint dry.  Next, use your pencil to lightly draw stripes in the white paint (if you can, fit all 13 stripes.  Hint: the top and bottom stripes should be red.) You might consider using a pencil or straight stick as a guide to help you make the lines.  Paint in the red stripes.

Paint some white stars on the blue area.  In the real US flag there are 50 white stars that represent the 50 U.S. states, but you might consider having fewer, especially if your stone is on the small side. If you'd like a shiny finish, coat with an acrylic varnish after the paint has dried completely.