Family Fun | Vacation Up Close with Animals

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Family Fun | Vacation Up Close with Animals


Family Fun Trip | Interactive Animal Adventures — Swim with Dolphins | Swim with Manatees | Farm Vacations | Wildlife Rescue Center

Family Fun Trip | Interactive Animal Adventures

A fantastic way to learn more about the animals that share our world is to spend some time interacting with them. Sometimes it is better just to watch the animals from a distance as they live their lives in the natural habitat. However, you have many opportunities to learn about wild and domestic animals while also interacting much more closely with them.

Swim with Dolphins | Swim with Manatees | Farm Vacations | Wildlife Rescue Center

Swim With Dolphins

Many vacation destinations in warm areas offer opportunities to swim with dolphins. The first place to look for an opportunity to swim with dolphins is the controlled environment of a theme park. Sea World's locations in California and Florida offer opportunities to swim with dolphins as well as other marine mammals. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California also offers opportunities to swim with dolphins. Many businesses in Florida also offer opportunities to swim with dolphins, including the Miami Seaquarium. Each of these destinations requires your to purchase a ticket and spend time learning about safety and how to behave when swimming with dolphins.

Having the opportunity to swim with dolphins that are seed to human interaction is a unique opportunity to see some amazing marine life up close. Most people never have the opportunity to see the majesty of a dolphin as close as they can at one of these parks. However, if you have the opportunity to go snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing or boating in places like California, Hawaii and Florida where dolphins are fairly common you may have the opportunity to interact with these amazing animals in their natural habitat. They are curious and will swim close to you to see what you are doing. If you are sailing or boating dolphins are known to swim along with you for a time.

Swim with the Manatees

Another fantastic marine animal that you can see up close in the wild are the West Indian Manatees that live in certain areas of Florida. Manatees are extremely gentle and live in only specific area. Crystal River in Florida is a great destination to find an opportunity to swim with Manatees. Guides at Crystal River will teach you about the animals and you can then enjoy a wonderful experience snorkeling with these gentle creatures.

Farm Vacations

If you are looking to enjoy interacting with animals a little closer to home there are still many opportunities. Local farms are a great place to see animals up close. Many local farms have times when you can come to visit and see what they do. This can include seeing large farm animals like horses, goats, bigs, sheep, cows and others, as well as smaller farm animals like chickens, possibly rabbits and others. On the farm you can learn how the farmer takes care of his animals, so they can take car of him. Perhaps you can help feed the horses, or milk the cow, you may even be able to help bottle feed orphaned lambs.

The farm is a great destination to see animals in their working environment. At the farm you learn how people and animals interact and work together. You also have a chance to see some amazing animals up close. You probably have some small or large local farm nearby, so these experiences are a little easier to come by, and you may even be able to visit regularly to help out.

Wildlife Rescue Centers

For those of you that are really interested in interacting with animals and helping animals, visiting and volunteering at your local wildlife rescue center is a wonderful activity. These centers help wild animals that have encountered some sort of trouble. Some of these animals are sick or hurt and can be treated for their injury, rehabilitated and released into the wild to continue on as wild animals. Other animals that come to rescue centers are hurt badly enough that they cannot return to the wild. In this case the rescue center tries to rehabilitate the animals  as much as possible and provide them with a good home, some even become educators, helping rescue center staff teach about rescued wildlife.

When you visit your local wildlife shelter you will probably see all sorts of different animals that are being helped, from ducklings to coyotes, your local wildlife shelter is doing what they can to help wild animals. If you can volunteer some time you can help with some of the activities related to the care for these wild animals, giving you the opportunity to learn about how animals can be rescued and learn about how they would live in the wild.

No matter what your interest or where you live you can find some fun interactive adventure with animals. Visit your local form and milk a cow or meet a llama, volunteer at your local wildlife shelter to help teach ducklings how to be wild ducks or find an opportunity to swim with dolphins while on vacation. Each of these is an amazing experience.