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Going swimming?  Whether you’re in the lake or the ocean, swimming is one of the best camping activities.  You can feel graceful and almost weightless as you bob along in the water.  Here are some fun things to do on your next swimming outing.

Flip and Spin
Can you turn a somersault in the water?  How about a backward somersault?  And if you’ve already mastered both of those, can you arch your back and spin backwards in an o-shape?  There’s a lot to do when you’re swimming.  You can do handstands, practice diving (off diving platforms only), and float on your back.  Don’t forget bobbing like a turtle (with your knees tucked up to your chest) and trying to do water ballet moves.

Ask if there are any extra life jackets or pool toys your can use in the water and float to your heart’s content.  Inner tubes are also a lot of fun.

Try Different Strokes
You probably already know how to do the crawl and the doggy paddle.  But how’s your breast stroke?  How about back stroke and side stroke?  If you don’t know how to do some of these, ask an adult to show you.

Swimming Underwater
If you have a mask or snorkel, it’s fun to swim under water, looking at fish and other sea creatures.  Practice breathing through a snorkel as your float along the top of the water.  A pair of goggles also makes underwater swimming fun.  Use the breast stroke to move quickly underwater—you can even have underwater swimming races!

Splashing Wars
If you have friends who like to splash, why not have a splashing battle!  You can even bring squirt guns from home or use plastic cups for a bigger splash.