Kids Camping Guide | South Carolina

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Kids Camping Guide | South Carolina

South-carolina-kids-at-the-beachTop 10 Things for Kids to Do in South Carolina | South Carolina Beaches, Mountains, Waterfalls, History & Forests.

Kids Guide to South Carolina

Top 10 Things for Kids to Do in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is filled with excellent kid-friendly activities and destinations. There are interesting historic sites, places to explore nature, beaches and much more. Here are a few of the attractions and activities that children should be sure to try out while in the state.

- Spend a day hiking in Congaree National Park

- Visit Fort Sumter, the site of the first shots of the Civil War, to learn about the history of the war

- Enjoy all of the spring and summer fun of Myrtle Beach, from walking on the sandy beach to windsurfing and more

- Go on a tour of the historic Hampton Plantation

- Learn about South Carolina's history at the Old Slave Mart Museum in Charleston

- Go mini golfing at Myrtle Island, the "Miniature Golf Capital of the world"

- Try some Gullah okra gumbo, learn about Gullah culture and attend a Gullah festival

- See the salt marsh creeks while riding the ferry at the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge

- Relax and explore the white sand beaches and dunes of Pawleys Island

- Visit the Raven Cliff Falls, which drop an amazing 400 feet in Caesars Head State Park