Winter Camping | Fun Things to Do

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Winter Camping Activities

sleddingIf your family is planning some winter camping, you should go prepared with some winter activity ideas. Winter camping is a great experience, and the whole family can really enjoy all of the unique winter activities. Be prepared for the cold and weather and snowy activities with some of these winter activity ideas.

Build a Snow Fort
If your campsite is snowy you can have plenty of fun building a great snow fort. There are all sorts of snow forts that you can try, including igloos, tunnels and more. You can bring a shovel, which will help dig out your snow fort. In addition you can use buckets to make shapes out of compacted snow and more. Make sure you have plenty of snow to use. The snow you want to use shouldn't be loose, and you should be able to compact it well.

Building a snow fort is a great activity for the whole family. Together you can design the fort and work together to build a fantastic snow fort that everyone can enjoy throughout the trip.

Go Snow Tubing or Sledding
If you happen to visit an area with good hills you can go sledding or tubing. You will need to bring along a good sled or a large tube. Find a good hill, smaller kids should start on a smaller hill, and bigger kids or those with experience can find steep hills, which are great for fast sledding. Make sure that the hills you find are free of trees and away from roads, so there is no chance of children sledding into the road or running into trees. Sledding and tubing are a great way to enjoy the snowy weather with the whole family. Everyone will have an amazing experience racing down the hills.

Watch for Wildlife
The winter often has different animals than you will see during the usual camping season. Bring along a bird and wildlife book for the region you are camping in, and bring a good pair of binoculars to spot animals from a distance. Wildlife watching is a great way to learn about the nature in your area and have some wonderful experiences. Camping gives you the opportunity to see much more wildlife than you normally see, so wildlife watching is a fantastic way to really enjoy all that nature has to offer.