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How to Make a July 4th Rock

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Rockin' July 4th

Paint your own rock -- 4th of July style! Your rock will make a great table decoration, door stop, paper weight, or memento of the trip.


a large, clean, and smooth stone
a pencil
red, white, and blue tempera paint
paint brushes
varnish or other glossy finish (not required)

Begin by using your pencil to sketch out the flag.  Make a square in the upper left for stars and paint that blue.  While you let that paint dry, paint all the rest of your rock white.

Let the paint dry.  Next, use your pencil to lightly draw stripes in the white paint (if you can, fit all 13 stripes.  Hint: the top and bottom stripes should be red.) You might consider using a pencil or straight stick as a guide to help you make the lines.  Paint in the red stripes.

Paint some white stars on the blue area.  In the real US flag there are 50 white stars that represent the 50 U.S. states, but you might consider having fewer, especially if your stone is on the small side. If you'd like a shiny finish, coat with an acrylic varnish after the paint has dried completely.

How to Make a Yule Log

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Yule Log

Burning a yule log in the fire is a holiday tradition in Britain and other parts of Europe, but it's actually a fun thing to do during any season.  You'll find everything you need in the great outdoors - no need to bring anything from home!

a small log or branch, suitable for burning in your campfire
and anything else you find that can go into your campfire (no plastic or metal)

Lay your log down flat and use your leaves and flowers to decorate it however you like.  If you have vines, these can act as string to hold things on.  If there aren't any vines, long dandelion and other flower stems can work just as well.  That night, when your fire is going well, toss your yule log into the fire while you make a wish for the coming year.


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camping art

Nature Art and Crafts for Camping Kids

A little imagination and a few simple art and craft supplies are all you need to create special camping memories




Sand or Salt Art

Colored sand or salt

Pine cone mobiles

Wildflowers crowns

Pet rocks / Pebble pets

Driftwood and Seashell frames

Driftwood and seashell mobiles

Twig frames

Coconut Postcards



How to Make a First Aid Kit on a Ribbon

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How to Make a First Aid Kit on a Ribbon

a film canister with lid
two arm-lengths of ribbon
first aid supplies: band-aids, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, money for a phone call, tiny flashlight, and/or piece of hard candy.

Punch holes in the sides of the film canister and run your ribbon through the holes, then tie it off at the right length to wear around your neck.  Cut off the extra ribbon.  Fill the canister with your first aid supplies.

How to Make a Seashell and Driftwood Mobile

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Create a Lasting Beach Camping Souvenir!

Most beach campsites have plenty of driftwood and seashells.  These fun and easy to make mobiles can decorate camp and then a bedroom or porch back home as a lasting memory of your beach camping trip.

What you need:

  • Driftwood & seashells - this is a great excuse for taking a long beach walk  - remember to bring along a bag to carry your seashell and driftwood treasures back to camp
  • Other beach treasures - depending on where you are camping this could be tumbled seas glass, sand dollars, small interesting pieces of driftwood and bird feathers (check local ordinances some bird feather can not be    removed - like bald eagle feather is Alaska)
  • Craft wire - plain or sparkly or metallic
  • Twine, string or ribbons
How to:

    * Tie two pieces of drift wood together to form a X
    * Secure the pieces together with twine or craft wire by wrapping the the X in an overlapping patten until secure
    * Wrap seashells and beach treasures with craft wire - then attach to the ribbon or string
    * Attach the ribbons with the seashells and beach treasures to the drift wood X at varying lengths and grouping
    * You can either tie your ribbons to the hanger or wrap craft wire around the ribbon and attach with the wire

These make great gifts for friends back home!
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